COMPETITION: Sporting Pulse

Thank you for showing interest in the Crown Lager Social Golf Club promotion through Sporting Pulse.

This is the most important time of the year for many sports, finals time! To celebrate the Crown Lager Social Golf Club is offering a discount to sporting clubs of $25 per member! For each member who signs up, your club will also receive a $10 rebate !

For only $25 (plus transaction fee), you can join up to the Crown Lager Social Golf Club and help your club win some fantastic prizes including The ‘Ultimate End of Season Golf Trip’ to one of your State/Territory’s top golf courses for up to 20 club members!

Plus, there’s boatloads of other great prizes up for grabs including a slab of Crown Lager every 2 weeks for the club who signs up the most members!

Just click on the link below to register for the Crown Lager Social Golf Club today!


Don’t forget to enter the promotional code PKVS1Y in the promo code box to claim your finals discount!

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