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It’s not hard to imagine the need for business cards with everyone constantly glued to their smartphones with 24/7 internet access. However, they provide an easy way for people to get in touch with you.

Here’s why you need a business card and tips to help you create the best and most appealing one.

Why Are Business Cards Important?

1. It’s Easy For People To Follow Up

If you’re networking and have created a good rapport with people, you need to give them a chance to follow up. You can always exchange phone numbers but with a business card, the person can contact you at your address, email or social media. There are some phone apps that work exactly like a business card but you might come across someone without the right gadget to facilitate that.

2. Professionalism

Giving out a business card exudes confidence and utmost professionalism. Basically, it means you took your time to fill in your information on a card. You are unique from a lot of other people and it simply gives you an edge.

3. Referrals Are Easy

Your business card should contain information regarding your name and contact details as well as your expertise. If you’re in a networking event, someone can easily recognize your skills and give you a job immediately.

Business cardsHow To Create The Best Business Card

Creating and printing a business card is easy enough but you need something people will remember. Here are some useful tips for creating a good business card.

1. The Information

What information do you need your business card to convey? It should contain your name, current job title, the organization where you currently work and the company logo. As for the contact information, you need to prevent clutter by organizing it accordingly. You can add a website URL, email address or phone number as well as social media information if there’s enough space.

2. Legible

Don’t shrink the text too much such that it becomes illegible. On the other hand, don’t use a font that makes it hard for people to make out simple words. Make sure your font doesn’t go smaller than 8 and use a professional one.

3. Plain Or Color

If you add bright colors to your business card in the right way, it will appear unique and distinctive. If you’re in the creative or design niche, you can take advantage of this option to create an outstanding business card. However, there’s always a benefit in adopting simplicity in your design.

4. Visual Content

Yes, any number of words on your business card might do the trick but you can make it more appealing with pictures. There are many things you can display such as the image of your product or your company logo. Also, you can opt to put anything related to your business. Don’t leave it blank because although most people don’t look at the back of business cards, those who do will not be impressed.

5. Paper Thickness

Any business card printed on a thicker paper will feel more expensive and you will appear more professional. If you print it on a thin paper, you might appear cheap and tacky. Choose a paper thickness that your recipients will appreciate accordingly.

6. Colors

When looking for a good color for your business card, opt for something that matches with the rest of your company’s branding. Of course, if you don’t have a particular color scheme in mind, you can settle for anything that feels good. Opt for complementary colors since any clashing will make your card appear tacky and unprofessional.

Finally, look for the best printing service to create the best business cards for your needs.