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Do you want to have natural grass on your lawn? There is no doubt that nothing looks better than natural grass, However, maintaining it can be inconvenient and annoying. You need to dedicate time to mowing the lawn, watering the plants, and removing the weeds. But why not consider an equally beautiful but easier to maintain alternative?

Fake grass is becoming increasingly popular these days. You won’t even notice the difference between fake grass and the real thing. But still, you need to do your due diligence in order to buy the best fake turf in Brisbane.

Fake Turf Brisbane | PS Lawns

Why Choose Fake Turf?

Maintaining a natural lawn requires a ton of time and effort. Aside from regular mowing, you also need to spend time watering the plants and removing moss and weeds. If you want your lawn to look nice, you have no choice but to do this if you want to maintain the look of your turf.

With artificial grass, however, you don’t have to worry about any time-consuming maintenance. In fact, fake turf is easy to clean which is great if you have children or pets. You really only need to water them lightly to get rid of spillages or other stains that may appear.

And if you want to decorate oddly-shaped areas of the home such as the deck and terrace, installing artificial grass is much more convenient than using real grass.


What to Look For?

There are a number of features you need to consider when buying artificial grass. There a number of great options for fake turf in the current marketplace, however, it’s still important to get down to the details so you can pick what best fits your needs.


Density and Thickness

One of the first things you need to look at its density. This refers to the number of grass blades per square inch. The more blades there are, the thicker and denser the grass is. This can have an enormous impact on how your lawn will look like, so be sure to choose carefully.

If you’re going for utmost comfort, then you’d want to pick thick, dense grass. For those with a limited budget, however, you may want a low-density grass but don’t expect them to look and feel as good.

Not to mention, the low-density grass isn’t ideal for areas with a lot of foot traffic. It is very important to consider where you want to place the grass so you can determine the most suitable density.



Artificial grass blades now come in various colours. A few short years ago, it was fairly easy to spot fake grass. It was the shiny green plastic stuff that is obviously fake and doesn’t look real at all. Most manufacturers now create natural-looking fake turf, making it easy for anyone to get fooled that it is actually fake grass. Also, a hint of brown is now added to the base of the grass to simulate the look of dead grass.

It also allows a bit of your natural lawn to be seen. And of course, picking the right shade of green can give you the lush look of a perfectly healthy lawn.



Grass pile refers to how the upright blades look. A short and curly pile gives you the thinnest and least dense option. The cost is also considerably lower than a longer pile. If you want a more luxurious appearance, then go for a straight and curly pile. This combination allows for a more natural look. Make sure that during installation, the pile is all facing the same direction.

These are the three critical factors you need to consider when buying artificial grass. Thankfully, when it comes to fake turf Brisbane, there are plenty of reputable providers. Just be sure to choose a company that has extensive experience in the industry.

Before making any major decisions, it’s best to try and ask for samples so you can see the quality of the grass before spending any money.