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Best Hydro Vacuum Excavation Services in Melbourne

At times, buried underground utilities and debris under earth can cause troubles in your surroundings. This is the time when you need hydro excavation services to protect your property from any further damage.



Hydro excavation process combines air vacuum and high-pressure water to remove soil, gravel and debris from earth. This vacuum excavation procedure breaks the soil, lifts debris and transfers it to a debris tank, for later dispersion.

Adapted by miners in California, around the mid-80s, hydro excavation was used to dig out gold and other minerals by land masses. With advancement in technology, vacuum excavation got more competitive and advanced machines were developed for the process.

Considered to be the safest process of excavation, Hydro Vacuum Excavation is now mandated in several states and municipalities for potholing, construction, rehabilitation of sewer and landscaping.



Drain Cleaning | Pressure Works

At Pressure works, we provide client specific vacuum excavation services with guaranteed efficiency and safety. Since 1998, Pressure Works have set a benchmark in the industry with wide range of vacuum and water jetting services.

We understand the needs of our customers and aim to deliver practical solutions. Our team at Pressure Works is highly professional, experienced and trained to meet customer expectations.

Pressure Works Pty. Ltd. operates in agreement with OH&S Management Plan and Prescribed Waste (EPA).

We widely provide services to government departments, educational sectors like schools and colleges, road builders, civil and construction contractors, industrial and commercial buildings, gas, power and electrical companies, municipal councils and communication contractors across Victoria.



Pressure Works provide specific services across various industries such as:

  1. Plant and Equipment Cleaning service for the manufacturing sector.
  2. Restoration, washing, painting, spout cleaning and rendering for commercial buildings.
  3. Plant cleaning, contamination removal and waste disposal for Plant Spillages and Contamination.
  4. Graffiti removal from schools and colleges.
  5. Asset management, drain cleaning and gutter cleaning for Industrial facilities.
  6. Equipment degreasing, painting, protective coating, tank and vessel cleaning, pipe cleaning and more for the Power and Water industry.
  7. Surface Preparation and Cleaning for Protective Coatings Industry.



Source: Courtesy of Pressure Works, Water Jet and Vacuum Services, Melbourne