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Your product is going to be under direct scrutiny when it comes to EMC testing standards.

It’s important to know which EMC testing standards apply to your product before moving forward. Those who are looking to determine what’s necessary and what’s not will have to break things down one by one.


Here are three options a business will have when it comes to their product and how it fares.

1) Speak To EMC Test Lab

In most cases, this is going to be the method of choice because of how easy it is. You can ring up the sales department and speak to one of the representatives at a nearby test lab. The test lab is going to offer information on what is allowed and what is not when it comes to EMC testing standards. This is a great way to understand how product approvals are done at the lab.

The best part about speaking to a representative at the test lab is knowing they’re going to have accurate information on hand and will be happy to help you out. They are going to illustrate what you need, the applicable tests, and the quote you’re going to need for a product. This is a good way to see whether or not the lab is legitimate and if they’re going to deal with your product.

Always make sure you are going with something that’s as safe as it needs to be. There are people who don’t think about the sales department and that can be a challenge. You want to think about the information you’re dealing with. Look at the product datasheets and make sure you’re getting a good read on whether it’s compliant or not. Remember, this is just one step towards a proper solution and it’s important to get something spot on.

The best option for those who are wondering about these EMC testing standards is to look at how they apply to your product. You want to ask a TCB (Telecommunications Certification Body) as soon as you can. They will be able to relay the right information and mention what needs to be done.

It is important to note, test labs are well in tune with what needs to be done and are going to have a good understanding of these EMC testing standards. They are going to know how they apply to your specific product. This is ideal and is the reason to look into CE or FCC testing. You want to be able to look into these standards as soon as you can. It’s not going to take them long to understand what you’re looking for and how it relates to their lab.

Remember, if you are going to be selling a wireless device that’s attached to a bus/transportation vehicle, it is going to come under heavier regulations based on the country. This might require additional work on your part.

Don’t assume you’re going to get all of the relevant services from a lab. This is essential when it comes to the lab you’re going to. You will want to look into getting appropriate answers based on your products and then make a decision. You will be able to bring an NB or “Notified Body” onboard to take a look at the regulations on your behalf.

It is essential to recognize the value of getting advice as soon as possible. This is a big part of being a client at a test lab. You want to be able to acquire this knowledge and make sure it is coming for free even if there’s a language barrier in place.

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2) Analyze Competition’s Data Sheet

Make sure to take a look at the competition and what they’re using when it comes to testing labs. This is going to be a good way to know what’s needed in your industry. They will have product data sheets that are able to relay this information based on what you’re going to be selling. You will be able to stay compliant with all of this information on hand.

Something as simple as “audio speaker + declaration of conformity” can be a good way to acquire information. You can even add “FCC Test Report” to the search query if you’re in the US. This will lead to a lot of information on your competition. It will even let you know about potential safety standards.


3) Search Yourself

There is nothing wrong with doing a bit of homework on your own too!

Look at the various regions, government standards, and other data based on your niche.