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Event services Provider – Sprout Systems

Box Office

We also have a box office system to sell tickets at your event. Selling tickets at your event as well as online via our online ticketing software means more ticket sales and a face-to-face interaction with your customers. Giving customers the option to purchase at the event ensures that no one misses out on attending and you don’t miss out on the sales. Win-win!

Ticketing Services | Sprout Systems

Our Box Office system is simple and easy to use and tickets can be processed quickly with either card or cash payment. The mobile Box Office system can be used online from anywhere with an internet connection along with a provided EFTPOS machine and cash drawer. This can be managed by our event staff or as an alone product where training can be provided to your team.


Event Staff

Our professional, capable and enthusiastic staff can be available for any of your events. Our staff knows all systems back to front to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Let our staff run the systems so you can focus on your event and your guests. Our event staff can run the box office, manage the doors and entry, scan tickets, and tick names off our digital door list or any of the other services that you require.


Entry management – scanning and door list

The Sprout entry scanning software system is an efficient and effective way of getting your customers through the door quickly and with no fuss. It is simple, foolproof, and anyone can operate it, including our event staff of course! (See above)

We have products available to make your event entry smooth and hassle-free.

Our system generates live guest lists, which will display any information given by attendees. Guest lists can be downloaded, printed or accessed via our web-based app; which allows you to check in guests electronically – and even trigger emails thanking them for their attendance, or asking for feedback.

Our system ensures a smooth entry to start your night off the right way and get all your guests in the door in record time.



You’ve got mail! The days of receiving bundles of junk mail and bills are gone so why not send your customers a personalised package with their tickets and important information about your event.

Fulfilling real tickets, and VIP packages is a great way to elevate the customer experience. Our mail-house, capable of processing up to 10,000 individual packages per day, using either regular, express, or registered post to send items. All packages can be customised with personalised letters, and details relevant to your customer. Your brand is elevated right from purchase up to the event and post-event with branded tickets and packages sent straight to your customer’s door. This is how we provide professional event services.


Our customer service team handles all customer inquiries regarding these packages and will liaise with your customers should any postal issues arise.




Source: Courtesy of Sprout Systems, Australia