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Lockout services | Top 10 Best Ways to Avoid a Lockout Situation

Lockout services – the Top 10 Best Ways to Avoid a Lockout Situation

Lockouts occur all the time and happen more often than we think. What would you do if you were to lock yourself out of your house or your vehicle? Most of us don’t think about using a lockout service until it’s too late and we are already placed in a lockout situation. Prevention is always better than cure. The three most common forms of lockouts are:


  • Home lockout;
  • Vehicle lockout;
  • Office lockout.

As mentioned, prevention is better than cure so it is important to put some measures in place to avoid a lockout situation. This will give you peace of mind knowing that if you should lock yourself out of your house or your vehicle, you have an instant backup plan that you can implement. Let’s take a look at the top best 9 ways to avoid a lockout situation.


1). Spare Keys

Spare Keys | Solid LocksmithsThis seems like the obvious choice but it is one that most people don’t get around to doing. The difficulty is where to locate your spare keys and what lockout situation would you need the spare key for? Is it for your house?Your garage? Your car? You don’t want to end up with multiple spare keys as this can become difficult to actually remember what spare key you have and where it is when you need it the most.

For example, you might have a spare office key and rather than carry that round all the time on your person, you may decide to leave it at home or in your car. Or you could leave a spare house key at your office.


2). Secret Hiding Spot for House Keys

Now that you have your spare key, where can you leave it? It is important if you decide to leave a spare house key outside your home, to make sure that this isn’t in an obvious place a burglar may look. The good old days of leaving a spare key under the pot plant next to the door, in the letterbox or even under a garden rock won’t cut it.

Thieves of today are a lot more sophisticated than in days gone by. You need to leave the key in the most unassuming and inconspicuous place possible.

3). Give a Spare Key to a Reliable Person

Another option for your spare keys is to leave a set of spare keys for your most important locks with someone trustworthy and reliable. For example, you might just need to have a set of keys on one key ring for your car and house, not every single lock that you have.

Then you can leave that set of keys with a reliable person that is reliable. This may be a friend, family member or a neighbour. Whoever it is, it needs to be somebody that you can trust and somebody who does live fairly close to your home.


4). Develop a Habit of Checking Your Keys

Most of the time when we are involved in a lockout situation, it’s because we are either in a rush or distracted. For example, we might receive a phone call on our mobile just as we are leaving the house. While we are walking out the door, we aren’t concentrating and we pull the door shut. Bang! It’s too late.

It really is important to develop a “mental checklist” when it comes to locking the doors of our home or vehicles. Before you finally pull the door shut, stop what you’re doing and just check you have your keys with you.


5). Maintenance of Locks

Sometimes the lockout may occur because our locks are old and worn down. This means the key doesn’t actually open the lock. Worse still, the key can break the lock which will require a locksmith service. Almost one-third of all lockouts actually happen as a result of a damaged lock or key.

To prevent this, make sure that you maintain your locks properly. This can be done with regular lubrication and cleaning of your locks on a frequent basis. It is highly recommended to replace damaged or malfunctioning keys at the first sign of a problem.


6). Maintenance of keys

Just like maintaining locks, keys must also be maintained, especially keyless entry fobs and toggles as they run on batteries. If the batteries are wearing down then this can affect the performance of your keyless entry device. This could then leave you locked out of your car if you don’t also have a traditional key as part of your fob or toggle.

If you notice that respond of your fob or toggle is starting to lag on the first click, you may need to monitor this to see if the battery is approaching expiry.


7). Be Organised

If you have all your keys on a key hook at home, then you will form a strong habit of keeping them in the same location. If you make it a habit of putting your keys there are soon as you get home, then when you leave the house, you know exactly they are.

This way you will be less likely to forget them, especially if you are leaving the house in a hurry.


8). Constant Reminders

Some people operate better when it comes to colours and noises. Therefore, why not have a bunch of your most critical keys together with some sort of colourful key tag that stands out? While it might not be the most practical solution, if you are a habitual key loser or are always finding yourself locked out, this could act as a forced reminder.

Another option is that if you wear a lanyard as part of your business or employment, you can attach your most important key/s to this. With this hanging around your neck, you have a constant reminder and a relatively convenient way to hold your keys.


9). Use Keyless Entry as an Alternative

Failing all of the above there is another option. Just like cars, these days have keyless entry, your house and office can also be fitted with keyless entry. As a matter of fact, these days, there are a number of commercial buildings that have keyless entry or electronic access card systems. Although not the cheapest option, it certainly solves the issue of losing keys or replacing old locks.


10). Use  a Reliable Locksmith Service

You don’t want to call any old locksmith service when you are in an emergency situation and totally unprepared. There are a number of questions that you need to ask if you have not used this locksmith service previously. Is the locksmith reputable? Are they from the local community? Are they reliable? It doesn’t hurt to ask for recommendations ahead of time from trusted people who may have used a locksmith previously.

Whether this is for your home, office or car, it is important that you feel comfortable using a particular locksmith service. Your locks are very important with regard to protecting your own personal information and security, so you must feel comfortable using a locksmith that is reliable and trustworthy.